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    my hardware is terzo,last night i used smoke captured a film one and a half hours long,
    this moring when i in my studio, i found tezro is crashed,keybord and mouse no responding.
    so i shutdown use the menu on the front panel.
    when i powerup the machine nextime ,the little led screen on the front pannel show :prom booting,the sgi led flash,the monitor no single input,
    i try again and again ,the same thing happened.
    help me please

    Shannon Gans

    Check all keyboard/mouse connections and network cables (NFS hangups – trying to mount a server which isn’t available).

    Then I would start with a removal of powercord, count to 10 and re-insert it.

    Also powercycle the vbob just incase this is causing issues with the V12 graphics card.

    That should give you something on the LCD display (without touching the power button). The white SGI LOGO will still be out at this stage.
    Then press the power button. If you have the door open you should see the drive(s) powering up, and then get a quick display of SGI booting on the LCD monitor.
    At this point the system disk should flash much more while the OS loads up and all being well you get the login window.

    If you get GFX FAIL on the tezro display then check keyboard and mouse as if the keyboard is missing then the system wont boot into graphics.

    As another check, if you can move the display / keyboard / mouse locally to the display to the tezro to bypass any extenders just incase they are giving you the problem.




    yeah usually restarting helps!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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