fxguidetv #149: Prometheus visual breakdown

We take a journey into Prometheus with visual effects supervisor Richard Stammers, and the VFX supes from the film’s principal vendors MPC, Fuel and Weta Digital. This episode also includes visual effects breakdowns of the spacecrafts, holograms, star map room and the Engineers.

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7 Responses to fxguidetv #149: Prometheus visual breakdown

  1. Hey, the video does not play

    Posted by Evgenij Pavlovich on
  2. it does here… When I click watch high bandwidth… what happens at your end?

    Posted by Mike Seymour on
  3. Volcanic landscapes of Ireland?? How can you get the primary location wrong, when you are working on the show? …Come On guys! The principle location was Iceland, pretty obvious if you ever seen any landscape photos of iceland.
    Also Ireland has no volcanos.

    Posted by softer on
  4. Ok so I agree it is Iceland – did we say Ireland somewhere??? If so it was a mistake – and a kinda funny one…

    Posted by Mike Seymour on
    • Charley Henley mentioned Ireland instead of Iceland at 14:08. kind of an amusing small mistake

      Overall really enjoyed the podcast/ the movie, thanks for all the information.

      Posted by Matt Martin on
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