fxpodcast #245: VFX roundtable - Scott Squires, Scott Ross, David Rand

Jeff Heusser talks to three visual effects industry veterans - Scott Squires, Scott Ross and David Rand - about the recent developments in VFX, from globalization to unionization to subsidies to working conditions to recognition and other on-going issues.

From left: Scott Squires , Dave Rand, Scott Ross.

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2 Responses to fxpodcast #245: VFX roundtable – Scott Squires, Scott Ross, David Rand

  1. One of things I think you guys really hit on was the fact that the directors aren’t there physically. They meet a few people and then they’re off again. On-site collaboration is SO important. iMatte (part of Ultimatte), in L.A., has created a brand new system called SightDeck that is e-collaboration on steroids. This system could even be used for compositing, can be recorded, etc. Something like this should be in every VFX office that has to survive on distance collaboration. Imagine how much work could be saved if the director is onsite while on location.

    The ‘presenters’ are at different locations, but they can see each other, and the graphics behind them, life-size and in real time. Each presenter can see, touch and interact with the graphics on the screen. Each audience sees the presenter at their location side-by-side with the life-size presenter from the other location. Each presenter and audience sees first generation graphics.

    SightDeck is a positive experience whether it’s one-to-one or one-to-many. (Body language is key.)
    No studio. No camera operator. No green screens. No special lighting. No complex installation. Please check it out. It could be a huge benefit for the entire industry.


    Posted by Chip Weatherman on
  2. I’ve been looking forward to FXGuide’s coverage, this will be my 3rd time through listening to this podcast. Thank you for this.

    Posted by john on

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