fxpodcast #276: Director Gareth Edwards on Godzilla

3 thoughts on “fxpodcast #276: Director Gareth Edwards on <em>Godzilla</em>”

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  2. Excellent interview. Thanks FX Guide, Mike Seymour and Gareth Edwards for this one. Great stuff. I really like the point Gareth makes re: filmmaking and VFX films showing too much too soon. I saw this film with a full crowd on Saturday here in Richmond, VA and the “holding back” was a genius technique that we don’t see so often anymore. When we finally see Godzilla revealed the crowd in the theater screamed and cheered with delight. They cheered again when the spine lit up and he blasted his fire/plasma from his mouth. Edwards is a very smart filmmaker in how he thinks about the audience and our expectations. I hope he gets to make many more films in the future. Love it.

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