fxpodcast #371: Blending reality & imagination using art + science: Bilawal Sidhu

Bilawal Sidhu is a former Google Product Manager who is now a creative technologist and the host of the TED AI Show. He is also a scout for the venture capital firm a16z. fxguide recently had the opportunity to join Bilawal on stage at FMX in Germany, and we are thrilled to have him on this fxpodcast to discuss spatial intelligence, visual intelligence, and generative AI in the media and entertainment space.

fxguide’s Mike Seymour, with Ben Hansford (USC), Bilawal Sidhu (TED AI), Elena Garcés García (SEDDI) & Andrew Cochrane (AV Club Productions)

Bilawal spent six years at Google as a senior product manager, where he helped build VR camera systems and YouTube VR experiences. His team also shipped computer vision and AI-powered VFX tools, remapped the world in 3D using aerial and ground-level sensors, and reimagined Google Maps with Immersive View.

Today, Bilawal is an angel investor and scout for a16z, focusing on early-stage startups in generative AI, perception AI, and spatial computing. Most recently, he became the host of the new podcast, The TED AI Show, a weekly guide on how to live and thrive in a world where AI is changing everything. We briefly touch on his TED AI episode, “What Really Went Down at OpenAI and the Future of Regulation with Helen Toner,” a show that made headlines around the world for its insights into the inside boardroom dynamics of OpenAI.

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