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A letter from Jeff, John and Mike:

Since 1999, fxguide has covered the production, post, and visual effects industry. With the support of the community we have published thousands of articles, podcasts, tips and other content.

To this end, we invite you to contribute to fxguide in order to help us continue our coverage of the production and visual effects business worldwide. The reality is that sites which are as focused and targeted as fxguide cannot be supported through advertising. On top of this, we find it insulting to our readers to have dozens of ads plastered all over the page or display ads which takeover the screen without your consent.

First and foremost, the main goal of the insider subscription is to simply help us build our primary content on the site. To those who donate $49, we will provide one year of VIP access to our subscription program called fxinsider. fxinsider will give you occasional exclusive content, including extended interviews and high res imagery.

You may also register for no cost, which allows you to post comments on stories.

We truly appreciate your support and hope you will become a supporter via our fxinsider program.

Jeff, John, and Mike

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