Unity acquires Ziva Dynamics

Unity acquires Ziva


VES Reference Platform

The VES tech Committee looks forward to what workstations artists could and should be using, in the VFX Reference Platform 2021 Survey.


VES 2022 Nominees

Congrats to all this year’s nominees in the 20th VES awards.


Goodbye Kansas Studio is on Vigil

Vigil has only just been released in the USA, VFX by Goodbye Kansas Studios.


Maya’s Unreal Future

Autodesk, in collaboration with Epic Games, has released a new Maya Unreal Live Link


Virtual McDonalds

Co-Directors Matt Manhire and David Whiteson recently finished a Mcdonald’s commercial shot entirely using VP.


Deep Neural Rendering Comes of Age

NR is so much more than DeepFakes, as Synthesia is demonstrating.


Ghost of Ghostbusters Past

Egon, Ecto, and effects and effects in Ghostbusters: Afterlife.


World’s first screen grab from Toxik!

FXguide FIRST with this screen grab from Toxik..

This is the first grab of the new user interface…( hey what else would you expect from us !!)

Discreet’s Strata (only the code name) will feature new tools in what Discreet is calling an “immersive 3D creative environment”, where artists can quickly combine visual effects with audio, editing and 3D rendering.


Discreet Strata and Mezzo Unveiled at NAB

The new technology which was rumored to be revealed at NAB this year (Film & Video Magazine) was shown as the last item of the evening on Sunday. The presentation on Sunday was a bit confusing at points and it was the end of a long presentation and and because of that it seems as though some information might have been lost to the users. We’ll try to break down what was shown that evening with what was also shown during the week in special showings on the


Live from the User Group Meeting

Ten years in the making.

For the 9th time Discreet’s users gathered for the FFFIS users group meeting. With word of private showings of new technology, attendence registrations were up almost 50% on last year. It is now 1.55am and the fxguide crew have just returned from an array of product demonstrations and future technology previews.


fxguide Lands in Vegas

We’ve landed in Vegas, set to bring the lastest discreet news and gossip…….


Alias|Wavefront lowers prices!

Maya Complete for US$1,999, Maya Unlimited for US$6,999, current customers can upgrade from Complete to Unlimited for US$1,499 for a limited time.
Details at http://www.aliaswavefront.com/


5D and the Movies (Press Release)

Media solutions developer 5D has revealed that its family of compositing, visual effects, colour grading, and record and review systems are all playing key roles in the digital intermediate process for motion pictures and visual effects post production worldwide

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