And I never said a word…

We’ve been working on more (fun) ML demos. Respeecher and Pinscreen join us to demonstrate advanced AI Facial Re-enactment.


AI Generative Fashion Videos

London College of Fashion and Framestore’s Johannes Saam discuss how to make generative fashion AI videos


Meta Human Animator

MetaHuman Animator is announced along with UE for Fortnight and much more as part of the ’23 State of Unreal keynote at GDC


GTC: Shutterstock Teams with NVIDIA to Build AI Models for Generative 3D

NVIDIA joins with Shutterstock for generative 3D


And the Winners are …

Congrats to all the teams that worked on the Oscar VFX films this year.


Elvis is in the (VFX) House

Fin Design+ Effects discusses their work on the multi-oscar nominated film Elvis.


fxpodcast #351 ILM’s Craig Hammock – Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Oscar Nominated Craig Hammock discusses Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.


fxpodcast #350 Sci Tech Winner Ryan Laney

Ryan Laney is to receive a commendation (special plaque) for his inventive use of AI facial technology to give a digital “veil” to protect identities while preserving facial emotion in documentary filmmaking.


Mac version of Maya jumps to new version 4.5

Alias|Wavefront announced Maya 4.5, this is the version previewed by FXguide from NAB 2002. This new release, is a major plus for Mac users, as the Mac version now jumps from the old 3.5 version to the latest 4.5 release, on par with NT and Linux. Current Maya for Mac OS X users will benefit from a substantial number of feature additions and enhancements – including thermo dynamics, self shading clouds, ocean and natural water simulations, powerful new mod


RealViz Launch Matchmover 2.5 Pro at Siggraph

At Siggraph in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, RealViz have released their latest version of Match Mover: version 2.5.

Matchmover was recently used on the feature film Harts War.

In the film MatchMover was used for tracking and calibrating in 3D live-action camera and location data by Pixel Magic. By using the Matchmover software, Pixel Magic was able to create visually credible interaction between practica


Idruna Software to Launch Photogenics HDR at Siggraph

Idruna Software to Launch Photogenics HDR, the First 32 bit per channel High Dynamic Range Paint Package, at Siggraph 2002, July 23rd


Digital Domain to make Nuke a product?

Digital Domain’s in house compositing software has been the subject of speculation recently – will it become a product to step in and fill the gaps created by recent aquisitions? We sat down for the facts with Michael Taylor, Digital Domain’s Vice President of Digital Production and Technology…


Blender Goes Open Source

The used-to-be-free Blender 3D application is coming back and it looks to be going open source. The latest news can be found here. One of the items on the to do list- “Make noise at Siggraph” …hehe. Nice touch. It will be interesting to see what happens. Who knows? Maybe Apple will end up buying them. 😉

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fxguide MacReporter Plug-in Available

MacReporter is a shareware program for Macintosh OSX that puts news sources in your dock. The author has provided us a plug-in that works with…


Discreet Visual Effects Artist and Animators Program (VFXA2) in the UK

The Finishing School at the NFTS, a Discreet Training Centre based at the UK’s National Film and TV School is running a new 6 month part-time course featuring Combustion, 3DS Max, Flame and Smoke entitled The Visual Effects Artist and Animators Program (or VFXA2 for short).


New Combustion Training Book due out October 02

One of the first “third-party” Training Books for Combustion V2.0 will be called Combustion Ground Rules, written by Todd Petersen (Published by Delmar Learning) and is scheduled for release in October 2002.


Apple continues buying spree – Emagic

This time Apple has purchased Emagic (“a leading provider of professional software solutions for computer based music production”) and wastes no time announcing they are discontinuing the Windows version on Sept. 30th.

Read the full text from the Apple press release at:


Artists in Action: Rhonda Graphics

In the first of our chats with fellow compositors, we talk to the team at Rhonda Graphics Studios who have just brought musical instruments to life for a new animated 30 min project. The team discuss their views on After Effects and Flame, as well as a few Final Cut Pro tricks they developed.


Max 5 to be launched at Siggraph 2002

Latest Version of Discreet’s Flagship 3D Software will be launched at Siggraph.

Version 5 is a highly interesting release, adding Radioisty technology to the very popular animation software.

There are many new features, in modeling, user interface, renderfarm management but it is the radiosity technology that Discreet has now combined into Max that is of perhaps most interest, especially given the lack of radiosity in the products bigg


Apple acquires technologies from Prismo Graphics

First Shake then Chalice and Rayz, now India Title Pro/Prismo Graphics.

In another move that is sure to have chat rooms running hot, Apple continues its purchasing of effects and post-production equipment software companies.

All eyes must now be on MacWorld in NY, Wednesday July 15, at 9am when Steve Jobs takes the stage for his key note address and hopeful outline Apple’s plans for the post-production industry.


Turbo Squid Lands Dan Lion as Vice President

Many of you will remember Dan Lion from his time at Discreet, or perhaps his Cinesite days. Dan has a new job at Turbo Squid and here is the press release:


5D slashes pricing on Sparks

5D recently announced reduced pricing on their Monster Spark package…


Quantel Presentation Report – L.A.

Quantel held a presentation today on their generationQ product line at Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel.


Discreet restructures

UPDATE: More information added from Discreet.

Discreet restructures and changes some staff. Some old faces are gone, some new
blood has been hired.


Max 5 to be shown at Siggraph with Radiosity

Post Magazine online, has disclosed that Discreet’s biggest news announcement for this year’s SIGGRAPH show centers around its 3ds max animation, modeling and rendering software. Version 5 is designed to offer animators and artists better control over the creation, animation and management of animated characters. Most significant to Fxguide readers in that Post reports MAX 5 has radiosity.


Silicon Grail Has Been Sold to Apple – Confirmed

According to the Silicon Grail website, Apple has acquired technologies from Silicon Grail, including the RAYZ and Chalice product lines…..


Combustion Service Pack 1 released

The combustion 2 Service Pack 1, is now available to

download from Discreets web site.

The so called Service pack is avaliable for PC or MAC ( both OS9 and OSX).


Combsution Training Video Review

Technical Animations just came out with their first Combustion v2 Training Video/DVD from. Here is a brief review written by Jack Pfeiffer, who is a demo artist and trainer for a discreet dealer in Denmark.


2d3D, boujou on track.

“we’re getting results in a matter of minutes and its just great to see it all working straight off. Boujou takes the tedium out of match moving”

-Will Bylkes Head of Aardman’s CG dept.

FXGuide caught up with Chris Steele CEO of 2d3D recently to discuss their market leading Boujou tracking software and sneak a peak at their new “Pixel Dust” product.