VFXShow 274: Foundation

We explore the impressive Foundation : Season 2


The Rolling Stones get Angry with Roto & AI on the Sunset Strip

Black Kite Studios, Francois Rousselet and the VFX team on the Rolling Stones new single, Angry.


The Art and Craft of Training Data. Yes, Training Data

VFX uses Machine Learning tools and it is also increasingly being used to produce training data for ML solutions with sleuthing and alchemy.


fxpodcast #358: Rob Legato and The Equalizer 3

We talk to the multi-Oscar winning Rob Legato about Second Unit Directing and his hit new flm: Equalizer3. (Spoiler free)


The Art of NeRFs, Part 1

NeRFs were one of THE hot topics at SIGGRAPH 2023 – and we deep dive into why… and exactly what a NeRF is.


DigiPro23: Told in Pictures

Highlights from DigiPro 2023 told (mainly) in pictures


fxpodcast #357: The VFX of Andor + Detailed Behind the Screens footage

Andor is one of the finest Star Wars shows ever made. We speak to ILM’s VFX sup. Scott Pritchard. Including 7 videos with over 40 plate photography and final comp shots.


fxpodcast #356: The VFX of Oppenheimer: Zero CGI but Great Effects.

We talk in-depth with Production VFX Supervisor Andrew Jackson about the special and visual effects of Oppenheimer.


What’s the story with Socratto?

April at NAB this year Sony showed Socratto to the public on an exclusive Socratto Stand.

Since then FXGuide has been trying to get someone from the company to comment. After months of emails and broken promises, we have decided to publish what we know and our review of the product – without their direct involvement. While we have tried to get Sony to comment they have declined.

So is Socratto the white elephant that proves Sony can


Artist in action: Method Software

FXGuide caught up with Andreas Wacker of Method Studios in Santa Monica.

Famous for its award winning commercials and music clips for directors such as Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, and artists such as Madonna and many more. Method’s visual effects artists, and much of their signature styles on-screen, is supported by proprietary code developed by Method Studios team of engineers, headed by Andreas. Method Software provides such things as speedchange sof


Éclair Labs adopts 5D Colossus

Normally, we’re not big on simply regurgitating press releases from manufacturers. But based upon our looks in the past on Digital Grading, this is fairly impressive news for 5D.


Illusion Particle Software: New Owner & New Name announced

News Announcement: July 15, 2002 – Impule Inc. spins off Illusion Software: New Owner and New Name officially announced.


Digital Fusion launches Fusion 4

Digital Fusion has just shown at Siggraph a new version of their compositing software

The new version has a great new UI, a new warper, improved tracking and some complex transform concetenation code to speed up compositing, all warped in a new infarstructure that supports floating point in every module.


Side Effects Siggraph Announcments

Side Effects announced two new offerings at Siggraph. A stand alone compositing package called Houdini Halo and a dedicated program for modeling and character work called Houdini Escape…


Apple announces Shake pricing and availability

As expected at Siggraph Apple announced Shake will be availabile in August for OSX.

Interesting pricing was also announced where the OSX version is cheaper…


Mac version of Maya jumps to new version 4.5

Alias|Wavefront announced Maya 4.5, this is the version previewed by FXguide from NAB 2002. This new release, is a major plus for Mac users, as the Mac version now jumps from the old 3.5 version to the latest 4.5 release, on par with NT and Linux. Current Maya for Mac OS X users will benefit from a substantial number of feature additions and enhancements – including thermo dynamics, self shading clouds, ocean and natural water simulations, powerful new mod


RealViz Launch Matchmover 2.5 Pro at Siggraph

At Siggraph in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, RealViz have released their latest version of Match Mover: version 2.5.

Matchmover was recently used on the feature film Harts War.

In the film MatchMover was used for tracking and calibrating in 3D live-action camera and location data by Pixel Magic. By using the Matchmover software, Pixel Magic was able to create visually credible interaction between practica


Idruna Software to Launch Photogenics HDR at Siggraph

Idruna Software to Launch Photogenics HDR, the First 32 bit per channel High Dynamic Range Paint Package, at Siggraph 2002, July 23rd


Digital Domain to make Nuke a product?

Digital Domain’s in house compositing software has been the subject of speculation recently – will it become a product to step in and fill the gaps created by recent aquisitions? We sat down for the facts with Michael Taylor, Digital Domain’s Vice President of Digital Production and Technology…


Blender Goes Open Source

The used-to-be-free Blender 3D application is coming back and it looks to be going open source. The latest news can be found here. One of the items on the to do list- “Make noise at Siggraph” …hehe. Nice touch. It will be interesting to see what happens. Who knows? Maybe Apple will end up buying them. 😉

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fxguide MacReporter Plug-in Available

MacReporter is a shareware program for Macintosh OSX that puts news sources in your dock. The author has provided us a plug-in that works with fxguide.com…


Discreet Visual Effects Artist and Animators Program (VFXA2) in the UK

The Finishing School at the NFTS, a Discreet Training Centre based at the UK’s National Film and TV School is running a new 6 month part-time course featuring Combustion, 3DS Max, Flame and Smoke entitled The Visual Effects Artist and Animators Program (or VFXA2 for short).


New Combustion Training Book due out October 02

One of the first “third-party” Training Books for Combustion V2.0 will be called Combustion Ground Rules, written by Todd Petersen (Published by Delmar Learning) and is scheduled for release in October 2002.