The 2019 Emmy Nominations

 Congrats to all the artists and all the nominees of this year’s Emmy shows.



Game Of Thrones “The Bells”HBO

  • Joe Bauer, Lead Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Steve Kullback, Lead Visual Effects Producer
  • Adam Chazen, Visual Effects Associate Producer
  • Sam Conway, Special Effects Supervisor
  • Mohsen Mousavi, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Martin Hill, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Ted Rae, Visual Effects Plate Supervisor
  • Patrick Tiberius Gehlen, Previs Lead
  • Thomas Schelesny, Visual Effects and Animation Supervisor

Star Trek: Discovery “Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2”CBS (CBS All Access)

  • Jason Michael Zimmerman, VFX Supervisor
  • Ante Dekovic, VFX Supervisor
  • Ivan Kondrup Jensen, VFX Supervisor
  • Mahmoud Rahnama, Associate VFX Supervisor
  • Alexander Wood, VFX Plate Supervisor
  • Aleksandra Kochoska, VFX Producer
  • Charles Collyer, Lead VFX Artist
  • Fausto Tejeda, CG Supervisor
  • Darcy Callaghan, Special Effects Coordinator

The Man In The High Castle “Jahr Null”Prime Video

  • Lawson Deming, Senior VFX Supervisor
  • Cory Jamieson, VFX Executive Producer
  • Casi Blume, CG Supervisor
  • Nick Chamberlain, Comp Supervisor
  • Bill Parker, Comp Supervisor
  • Saber Jlassi, Dynamics Lead
  • Chris Parks, Animation Lead
  • Brian Hobert, Comp Lead
  • Danielle Malambri, VFX Coordinator
The Orville fights with evasive maneuvers.

The Orville “Identity Part II”FOX

  • Luke McDonald, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Tommy Tran, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Kevin Lingenfelser, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Nhat Phong Tran, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Brooke Noska, Visual Effects Producer
  • Melissa Delong, Visual Effects Producer
  • Brandon Fayette, DFX Supervisor
  • Matt Von Brock, CG Supervisor
  • Joseph Vincent Pike, Compositing Supervisor

The Academy “The White Violin”Netflix

  • Everett Burrell, Senior Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Chris White, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Jeff Campbell, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Sebastien Bergeron, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Sean Schur, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Steve Dellerson, Visual Effects Producer
  • Libby Hazell, Visual Effects Producer
  • Carrie Richardson, Visual Effects Producer
  • Misato Shinohara, Visual Effects Production Manager


Catch-22 “Episode 4”Hulu

  • Matt Kasmir, VFX Supervisor
  • Brian Connor, VFX Supervisor
  • Dan Charbit, VFX Supervisor
  • Matthew Wheelon Hunt, VFX Producer
  • Alun Cummings, VFX Producer
  • Gavin Harrison, CG Supervisor
  • Giovanni Casadei, CG Supervisor
  • Remi Martin, 2D Compositing Supervisor
  • Peter Farkas, 2D Compositing Supervisor

Chernobyl “1:23:45”HBO

  • Max Dennison, Overall VFX Supervisor: DNEG
  • Lindsay McFarlane, Overall VFX Producer
  • Claudius Christian Rauch, SFX Supervisor
  • Clare Cheetham, VFX Producer: DNEG
  • Laura Bethencourt Montes, VFX Line Producer: DNEG
  • Steven Godfrey, CG Supervisor: DNEG
  • Luke Letkey, 2D Supervisor: DNEG
  • Christian Waite, FX Supervisor: DNEG
  • William Foulser, Environments Supervisor: DNEG

Deadwood HBO

  • Eric Hayden, VFX Supervisor
  • David Altenau, VFX Supervisor
  • Alex Torres, VFX Producer
  • Joseph Vincent Pike, Compositor
  • Ian Northrop, Compositor
  • Christopher Flynn, Compositor
  • David Blumenfeld, Animator
  • Matthew Rappaport, Animator
Ben Stiller behind the scenes on Escape at Dannemora (Episode 4). -Photo: Christopher Saunders/Showtime

Escape At Dannemora “Episode 6”Showtime

  • Steven Kirshoff, Special Effects Supervisor
  • Joe Heffernan, Special Effects Coordinator
  • John Bair, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Djuna Wahlrab, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Matthew Griffin, Visual Effects Producer
  • Shannen Walsh, Visual Effects Coordinator
  • Joseph Brigati, Lead Compositor
  • Vance Miller, CG Supervisor
  • Min Hwa Jung, Senior Compositor

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan “Pilot”Prime Video

  • Erik Henry, Senior Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Matt Robken, Senior Visual Effects Producer
  • Jamie Klein, Senior Visual Effects Coordinator
  • Pau Costa Moeller, Senior Visual Effects Coordinator
  • Bobo Skipper, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Deak Ferrand, Matte Painter
  • Crawford Reilly, 2D Lead
  • Joseph Karsparian, 2D Lead
  • Francois Lambert, CG Lead


Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes Netflix

  • Lisa Bolan, Creative Director
  • Peter Murphy, Animator
  • Alyssa Oh, Editor
  • June Cho, Designer

Game Of Thrones HBO

  • Angus Wall, Creative Director
  • Kirk Shintani, Art Director
  • Shahana Khan, Lead Compositor
  • Ian Ruhfass, 3D Lead
  • Rustam Hasanov, Lead Conceptual Designer

Star Trek: DiscoveryCBS (CBS All Access)

  • Ana Criado, Creative Director
  • Nader Husseini, Animator
  • Francisco Sánchez de Cañete, Art Director
  • Zachary Kinney, Animator
  • Christian Antolin, Designer
  • Kyle Cooper, Creative Director

True Detective HBO

  • Patrick Clair, Creative Director
  • Nic Pizzolatto, Creative Director
  • Kyle Moore, Creative Director
  • Victor Joy, Creative Director
  • Raoul Marks, Designer/Creative Director
  • Woosung Kang, Designer/Compositor/Art Director/Animator

Warrior Cinemax

  • John Likens, Creative Director
  • Wesley Ebelhar, Art Director
  • Arisu Kashiwagi, Designer/Art Director