fxguidetv covers the new 2012 Flame release from Autodesk. But there's way more in the new releases than we had time to show. We have over two hours of additional and unedited overview videos with Product Designer Philippe Soeiro from Autodesk. If you're a Flame/Smoke user and you aren't impressed with the number and depth of enhancements accomplished in less than a year, check your pulse.

A big thanks to Philippe for taking the time to record these videos for users. It's not part of his day job and I think they really help artists better understand the new features in the software.

Note: To view these videos in high quality, press play. You can then select the HD "720p" option from the player popup menu (they default to 360p) and watch full frame by clicking the expand button.

Lighting Changes & Additions

Shadow Casting

Lens Flares

Light Rays

GMask Improvements

3D Tracking

Flame FX Part 1

Flame FX Part 2

Materials & Geometry Improvements

OpenEXR Improvements via Gateway Import

Scene Linear/Viewport Improvements

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  1. Seriously extensive coverage of this incredible release. Thanks guys!

    Posted by Deron on

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