fxguidetv #125: Anonymous

We talk to Uncharted Territory visual effects
supervisors Marc Weigert and Volker Engel about their work for Roland Emmerich's Anonymous.

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  • cagri aslan

    One of the best Episode i ve ever seen in fxguide …..
    Got really useful infos….

  • Andreas Hylander

    This was a really good episode, thank you FXGuide and also Uncharted Territory for being open with both challenges and technique.

  • thanks guys – so glad you liked it, we really appreciate the comments

  • Seba

    I love how spontaneous this interview was. It was one of the best interviews i’ve see here. Thank you!

  • Brad Hawkins

    Great Ep Mike!

    Did they give any additional info in regard to deep compositing renders from 3DS Max? I ask because I thought the only current renderers capable of “deep” images were PRMan and Mantra.

    Or maybe was it that they were only using deep compositing for the atmospherics created inside Fusion?

  • Marc Weigert

    Brad, we used the “world (or point) position pass” in V-Ray.

  • rakshit dubey

    hats off to you guys the work how you visualized is really awesome Marc Weigert Sir …….

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