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Behind the best of the Super Bowl ads

Feb 07 2016

Vikings in coffee, dogs as hot dogs, Hulk vs. Ant-Man and's Super Bowl 50! read more...

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14th annual VES Awards – all the winners

Feb 02 2016

The 14th annual VES Awards are just getting underway, starting with a hilarious opening from Patton Oswalt...we'll update the winners as they come through. read more...

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One Man Against Attila the Hun

Feb 04 2008

Every once in a while we get a story at fxguide that indicates just how far and how fast the industry is moving. The post on Attila the Hun, directed by Gareth Edwards, is one of those stories. Edwards produced the 250 HD effects shots read more...

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The Force returns

by Ian Failes

ILM discusses three VFX breakthroughs in Star Wars, The Force Awakens: BB-8, the Falcon chase and the battle on Takodana. read more...