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Hollywood redux: the VFX of Hail, Caesar!

Feb 10 2016

An in-depth look at the 50s-style effects used to bring the Coen brother's Hail, Caesar! to the screen. read more...

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Creating an alternate world: The Man in the High Castle

Feb 11 2016

An exclusive look at Zoic Studio's visual effects for The Man in the High Castle. read more...

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Art of Keying

Nov 21 2005

In our continuing 'Art of ...' series we turn to one of the central issues for compositors - keying. This weeks fxpodcast, which accompanies the article, covers the Primatte keying plugin with Scott Gross of IMAGICA Corporation of America. read more...

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The Force returns

by Ian Failes

ILM discusses three VFX breakthroughs in Star Wars, The Force Awakens: BB-8, the Falcon chase and the battle on Takodana. read more...