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Flame 2017 Extension 1 announced at IBC

Sep 09 2016

Autodesk has taken the wraps off of its upcoming Flame release, Flame 2017 Extension 1. We have an interview with Product Manager Will Harris and he also answers questions submitted by artists. read more...

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Rob Legato added to VIEW Conference lineup

Sep 24 2016

In a last minute addition, Rob Legato will be presenting "The Art and Science behind creating a photo-realistic Jungle Book" at the VIEW Conference coming up in Turin, Italy. read more...

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The Art of Wire Removal

Oct 27 2007

In our continuing and popular "Art of..." series, we tackle wire and rig removal. Far from being the most glamourous of visual effects, in reality wire removal is extremely challenging. We audit the current approaches and techniques of the craft. In this week's podcast, read more...

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