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More than a token effort at Rendering (with Blockchain)

Sep 19 2017

Render Token offers to render your files and allow you to earn cryptocurrencies with your spare GPU cycles. We take a detailed look. read more...

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Congrats to the Craft Emmy Winners

Sep 11 2017

Congrats to the VFX Emmy winners.

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Art of Digital 3D Stereoscopic Film

Mar 25 2008

From U2 to Hanna Montana. From Beowulf to Journey to the Center of the Earth. 3D is hot once again. One of the strongest trends in visual effects films today is stereoscopic capture, post production and projection. Technology is catching up just when theatre owners read more...

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Each day at SIGGRAPH Mike will meet industry legends from Pixar, Weta Digital, Magnopus, Disney Research, Epic Games and leading researchers from around the world in VR using new Digital Human Avatar technology. read more...