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Is it Weta’s time for an Ape Oscar?

Jan 23 2018

We talk to Dan Lemmon Weta VFX Supervisor about War for the Planet of the Apes and their Oscar Nom. read more...

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Oscar Nominees are…

Jan 23 2018

The nominations for the Craft Oscars are out. Congrats to all the teams. read more...

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The science of fluid sims

Sep 15 2011

In the spirit of our 'Art of' stories we launch today a new style of story - 'The Science of...' In these articles we take a topic and explore the state of the art in that field. We start with Fluid Sims - what are read more...

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Melbourne International Games Week

Over the last three years, Melbourne International Games Week (MIGW) has grown into a major event on the global calendar featuring an impressive line up of local and international interactive experts across multiple events. Unite 2017, Unity’s one day conference showcased the latest developments of the Unity game engine and included many sessions on XR […] read more...