AI Panels and Talks: Videos from SIGGRAPH with fxguide

Generative AI Panel

We had a busy SIGGRAPH – between DigiPro and SIGGRAPH – there is a lot of content we were a part of and that we will be rolling out over the next two weeks.

As part of SIGGRAPH, Mike was invited to be a part of a panel on Reshaping the Film & Television Industry with Generative AI. This was one of three speaking engagements at SIGGRAPH on AI, the first being a workshop (not recorded) on Trust in Al. We have a special fxpodcast discussing that topic coming up in Sept. (more soon).

The Generative AI panel was hosted by Rick Champagne, Global Media & Entertainment Industry Strategy and Marketing, NVIDIA, and joining fxguide’s Mike Seymour was Sanja Fidler, VP, AI Research, NVIDIA and Tye Sheridan, Co-Founder & President, Wonder Dynamics.

It was great to discuss the issues surrounding AI and our thanks to NVIDIA for the opportunity.

Click here to go the NVIDIA site:

Vision series

Exploring the Transformative Power of AI in Media & Entertainment Panel was also held on Day 2 of SIGGRAPH with Fxguide on the panel. This panel session from Autodesk is not yet online- (we will post it when it is). This panel talked about the possibilities and impact of machine learning on the media and entertainment industry.

On the panel were Phil Barrenger, Head of Operations at Rising Sun Pictures, Nikola Todorovic, Co-Founder and CEO of Wonder Dynamics, Rachael Appleton, Director of Media & Entertainment Business Strategy at Autodesk, and fxguide’s Mike Seymour.

Office Hours

Mike also appeared on Day 1 of the Office Hours Live stream – more by accident than design.

(Mike appears at around 6 mins in the video)

You can watch a full replay of the live Office Hours broadcast here