From camera to screen – maximising your DCP pipeline


fxguide and Adobe present
in association with
Sydney ACM SIGGRAPH (Professional Chapter) and Australian Cinematographers Society
a free event during SMPTE15 in Sydney

Camera to Screen: Maximizing your DCP pipeline



Lars Borg – Principal Scientist at Adobe

Bill Roberts – Senior Director of Professional Video Product Management at Adobe


Wednesday 15 July 2015 at 6pm – please RSVP below


HOYTS Cinemas, Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, Lux cinema 6

About the event

Digital video and color science expert Lars Borg from Adobe will explore many issues regarding DCP authoring and distribution, and Adobe’s Bill Roberts will discuss workflow solutions and mobile color science.

Topics covered

stop_-frame-12– What can you do to maximize a DCP pipeline, from shooting to post?
– Issues with SMPTE DCP – why has the transition been difficult? Why is the adoption rate not higher?
– 4K, 8K and beyond – what is Rec. 2020 and what do I need to know?
– Standards for the home TV – the Dolby approach
– Mobile color science – new tools for capturing and creating looks
– What is Dolby Vision? (as launched with Tomorrowland)

About Lars Borg

Lars Borg has over 20 years of experience in color management. Lars develops solutions, specifications and standards for digital imaging, image processing, digital cinema (ACES), color management, CinemaDNG, high dynamic range, wide color gamut, UHDTV, video compression, metadata, holds over 30 patents in these areas, and is active in SMPTE, ISO and ICC standards developments.

About Bill Roberts

Bill Roberts has worked in professional video and audio for over 25 years, with the majority of his career focused on developing software tools for creative professionals. He is an expert on video, film and file based workflows and the impact that the Internet / Cloud Computing is having on both content creation and consumption.


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Presented in association with:

Sydney ACM SIGGRAPH (Professional Chapter)


the Australian Cinematographers Society


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