Cocaine Bear Postvis with Halon Entertainment co-founder Brad Alexander

Cocaine Bear directed by Elizabeth Banks was postvis by Halon Entertainment. In the film, a 500-pound black bear consumes a huge amount of cocaine and embarks on a drug-fueled rampage, along with a cast of cops, criminals, tourists, and teenagers in a Georgia forest.

In this ‘making of’ video, Halon Entertainment’s Brad Alexander discusses developing the coked-up CG Grizzly Bear. He discusses everything from working with editorial on pace to capturing the ‘acting’ of the bear to match the action of the live action plate.

Cocaine Bear Postvis with Brad Alexander | RF | 2023 from Halon Entertainment on Vimeo.

The comedy horror film is loosely inspired by the true story of a real ‘Cocaine’ black bear that ingested nearly 34 kg of lost cocaine. The film’s primary VFX work was by Wētā FX, under visual effects supervisor Robin Hollander.