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Behind the best of the Super Bowl ads

Feb 07 2016

Vikings in coffee, dogs as hot dogs, Hulk vs. Ant-Man and's Super Bowl 50! read more...

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14th annual VES Awards – all the winners

Feb 02 2016

The 14th annual VES Awards are just getting underway, starting with a hilarious opening from Patton Oswalt...we'll update the winners as they come through. read more...

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X-Men: Extreme Makeover

Jun 12 2006

In this week's podcast we talk to Greg Strause, of Lola and Hydraulx and John Bruno visual effects supervisor of X-Men, about the amazing 25 year digital facelifts in X-Men: The Last Stand. We are also joined in our companion written story by Eric Saindon read more...

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AR: a researcher’s perspective

by Ian Failes

In this preview of SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 - which is right around the corner in Kobe, Japan - we talk to Columbia Uni Prof. Steven Feiner about his research into augmented and virtual reality. read more...