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Out of the pages and into The Jungle Book

Apr 28 2016

The incredible visual effects of Jungle Book

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FMX Day 2: Jungle, Scrums, Faces and Fish

Apr 28 2016

Day 2 at FMX In Germany, where 4 sessions really stood out. read more...

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How to Paint a Digital Car

May 30 2008

Cars are the backbone of the advertising industry and car finishes are equally important in films. Just this month, new releases Iron Man and Speed Racer needed to produce photorealistic car finishes. In this special technical report, we explore how the best facilities in the read more...

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The Force returns

by Ian Failes

ILM discusses three VFX breakthroughs in Star Wars, The Force Awakens: BB-8, the Falcon chase and the battle on Takodana. read more...