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Echo: advanced motion control

Nov 09 2017

We look in depth at one of the most insanely complex motion control films, with 2 cameras filming at once, done in 5 takes with different fps! read more...

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Seems like Rushes UK is closing

Nov 11 2017

Goodbye to a Titan of the Post World in the UK. read more...

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Art of Tracking Part 1: History of Tracking

Aug 24 2004

In part one of a two part series about tracking, Mike Seymour covers the history of 2D and 3D tracking in visual effects. Today's artists might take it for granted, but what companies and individuals helped bring image processsing innovation to the field and change read more...

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Each day at SIGGRAPH Mike will meet industry legends from Pixar, Weta Digital, Magnopus, Disney Research, Epic Games and leading researchers from around the world in VR using new Digital Human Avatar technology. read more...