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A Fortnite at Epic

Jul 19 2017

Exclusive Siggraph Preview: Strange things are afoot at the DurrrBurger, ...we talk to Directors and the team about their Fortnite UE4 short film. And do a deep dive in the Cool Tech of a real time rendering, animated short film. read more...

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Halon Previs War for the Planet of the Apes at Comic-Con

Jul 21 2017

Halon presents the PreVis and PostVis for War for the Planet of the Apes, done in UE4. read more...

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How to Paint a Digital Car

May 30 2008

Cars are the backbone of the advertising industry and car finishes are equally important in films. Just this month, new releases Iron Man and Speed Racer needed to produce photorealistic car finishes. In this special technical report, we explore how the best facilities in the read more...

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