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Behind the best of the Super Bowl ads

Feb 07 2016

Vikings in coffee, dogs as hot dogs, Hulk vs. Ant-Man and's Super Bowl 50! read more...

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14th annual VES Awards – all the winners

Feb 02 2016

The 14th annual VES Awards are just getting underway, starting with a hilarious opening from Patton Oswalt...we'll update the winners as they come through. read more...

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Matte Painting Part 3: The Art

Feb 12 2006

In last week's story we looked at the tools that professional matte painters use. This week we turn our attention to the art and beauty of matte painting with senior matte painter Wayne Hagg (Lord of the Rings I & II). We explore how read more...

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Flame unchained: Software-only and on OS X

by John Montgomery

Flame on Linux is becoming a software-only subscription and will be no longer sold as turnkey hardware systems early next year. In addition, Flame is coming to OS X at the end of November, and Flare and Flame Assist will be available for everyone, not just Flame owners. read more...

Jump into Halo 5: Guardians

by Ian Failes

A detailed Q&A with the team at 343 Industries and Axis behind Halo 5: Guardians' opening cinematic - looking at planning, performance capture, animation, FX and rendering. read more...