Shooting spatial video – why all the negativity? It’s great!

We have been working with the Apple Vision Pro since it was launched. In fact, we have been filming and creating material for the Apple Vision Pro worldwide. However, when talking to people, it seems that some non-users are quick to write it off, perhaps for reasons that do not relate to their own experiences but have more to do with their expectations. As for people who have actually used it, in our experience, they are unprepared for how impressive the display is and how intuitive it is to use.

This is the first in a couple of videos outlining our experiences in practice. In short, the quality of the demo material on the Vision Pro is exceptional. The video fidelity is remarkable, – just stunning but it is early days, so there are limited ‘original’ apps to download. So we started making our own.



Like many developers and users we know, we aim to learn to use the Vision Pro to develop new experiences. In this respect, we are using it somewhat like a Dev-kit. Our first project has three parts,

  1. Filming, editing and grading Spatial video. Our first part of this journey is below.
  2. To develop 3D model interactions, we have this working, and we hope to publish more on this soon.
  3. Finally, we are developing an advanced interaction tool for three-dimensional educational experience. In our case, this involves simulating Ultra-sound scanning. This aims to allow students to interact with a digital subject before a real one.

Education is a clear use-case for the Vision Pro, but not the only one. In our recent fxpodcast with Kent Bye, we discussed how sports may turn out to be the killer App for Apple in this space.

Here then is part 1 of our Apple Vision Pro experience, documented over hours of use and testing various spatial capture formats from the headset itself, to the Apple iPhone 15, a Canon R5 and a Red Red Raptor VV. The V-RAPTOR 8K VV being the most powerful and advanced RED cinema camera ever and the iPhone 15 is the most accessible stereo option in the world with its special dual lenses.


Love or hate the Apple Vision Pro – and we love it… it will be very interesting to see what is annouced at WWDC24 at Apple Park on Monday, June 10.