Shooting for the Apple Vision Pro: post-production part two

In part one of our video series last month, we discussed shooting for the Apple Vision Pro. In part two, we show the postproduction pipeline.

Part two of our Apple Vision Pro experience is documented over hours of editing and testing various spatial capture formats from the headset itself to the Apple iPhone 15, a Canon R5, and a Red Red Raptor VV. The V-RAPTOR 8K VV is the most powerful and advanced RED cinema camera ever, and the iPhone 15 is the most accessible stereo option in the world with its special dual lenses.

It is important to note that while an edited video can be placed in Apps and viewed in the Apple Vision Pro, at the moment, edited spatial video won’t play in the latest updates of the iPhotos app in the Apple Vision Pro. We have been bug-hunting this for some time, and it appears that spatial clips filmed either in the Apple Vision Pro or via the iPhone 15 have four metadata channels, and more workflows only produce two. As a result, the headset won’t play edited spatial clips – even if they play from the desktop or your iPad in 2D from the iPhone App. We had hoped that the new Final Cut Pro iPad 2 version might solve this – but we are now hoping that Apple will address this at WWDC 24 next month. If you have a work around, we’d love to hear from you – (please email us via  mikes (at) fxguide (dot) com).

Love or hate the Apple Vision Pro – and we love it – it will be exciting to see what will be announced at WWDC24 at Apple Park on Monday, June 10.