fxguidetv #178: Mari & Modo on Rise

This week we feature a presentation made at SIGGRAPH by director David Karlak and visual effects supervisor Scott Metzger about their collaboration on the short film RISE. Both The Foundry’s Mari and Modo played a large part in modeling and texturing the assets required for the sci-fi robot pic.


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5 Responses to fxguidetv #178: Mari & Modo on Rise

  1. Where can I see the short film?

    Posted by Jeffrey on
  2. Hi Jeffrey! When the short is complete it will definitely be posted up online. Thanks for your interest!

    Posted by Scott Metzger on
  3. Awesome work and equally awesome breakdown on how it was all done. looking forward to seeing the final short film.

    Posted by johnsellings on
  4. Is there a way to get a FXPHD training on this, I’ve been a professional photographer for 12 years and I’ve been in VFX for 2 and I’ve been looking for a way to integrate more photography into my work and this would be amazing, I love Mari and Nuke and I can get into Modo since maya in my primary platform.. so learning this technique could lead to some amazing practices on personal projects! let me know!! i’ll sign up to it! also info on the fusion io ssds including cost and how to purchase and if they are better then regular ssds and how does it benefit over standard high data rate SSDs ?

    Posted by Jamiel Boling on
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