Another big visual effects business news day

The Oscars are this weekend and by all rights should be dominating the news cycle. This week is different with multiple important visual effects business related stories hitting in one day.

MPAA helps make CVD case

David Sirota at Pando Daily has written a bombshell article “MPAA’s latest attack on technology accidentally creates powerful anti-Hollywood weapon”. The article is a detailed look at the subsidies issue and includes an important new detail. In a case involving 3D printing the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) argued that “The use of electronic means to import into the United States infringing articles threatens important domestic industries such as the motion picture and software industries, as well as U.S. consumers and the government at all levels.”

If you have been following the legal effort spearheaded by Daniel Lay (@vfxsoldier) you know that the legal team recommended pursuing countervailing duties to offset damages done to domestic visual effects industry. This required classifying digital imports of visual effects the same as physical goods. The important bit in this article is that the MPAA basically just made this case, in written testimony, in a trade court.

This article is a must read for those in visual effects (try to forgive the editors who could not resist working the term “nerd” into the title and graphic):

Meanwhile at Gotham Los Angeles City Hall

Last night there was a Special Meeting by the Ad Hoc on Film and TV Production Jobs Committee. Speakers included many affected by flight of production from California in pursuit of subsidies, including union leaders, prop houses, Greg Strause from Hydraulx and Daniel Lay. Most were there in support of increasing subsidies or at least were there explaining the losses they faced because of subsidies. Daniel Lay explained the concept of using Countervailing Duties to force the studios to pay penalties when they use subsidies and asked that if California subsidies are raised that some portion of that money be earmarked to help explore this legal challenge.

You can listen to the entire audio proceedings here:

ADAPT Launches

ADAPT or the Association of Digital Artists, Professionals & Technicians, has launched as a trade group dedicated to the business interests of Visual Effects. To start the new web site contains information about the Oscar March and will then move to supporting the legal efforts to change the way subsidies are being used by the studios.

Life After Pi Released

We told you about the trailer last week and today is the day that the half hour excerpt of the documentary Life After Pi has been released online. It is a very important half hour showing the personal cost to artists and showing the downfall of a veteran company that had been a leader in both treatment of artists and successfully setting up other locations.

For more information visit:
Here is the film: