fxpodcast: Gareth Edwards & “Monsters”

Our latest fxpodcast episode is a discussion with filmmaker Gareth Edwards, director of the indie film Monsters, about the making of the movie. We last featured him several years ago in an article here at fxguide about his vfx work on the BBC’s Atilla the Hun.

Like Atilla, Edwards did all of the vfx and cgi work on Monsters in Adobe’s Creative Suite (including Premiere) and 3ds Max. The film
included over 200 visual effects shots. He also served as director and DOP, shooting the movie with a Sony EX3 over several weeks in Central America and Mexico with a crew of four.

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The movie is currently available for HD rental via the United States iTunes store as well as via video on demand on most major cable providers in the states.

4 thoughts on “fxpodcast: Gareth Edwards & “Monsters””

  1. I saw Monsters and was very impressed. Gareth did an amazing job and I hope to see many more films from him. Truly a great story and just well done. Thanks for the great podcast.

  2. I saw Monsters the other day as well and I loved it. Gareth is an inspiration. Aside from the marvel of doing all the VFX solo, I thought his directing skills were phenomenal. Giving the actors parameters to follow and not a word-for-word script worked out tremendously well. Very realistic. I have a script that is along the same vein in terms of guerrilla shooting, etc and I think Monsters will be a great inspiration and guide on how to do this style well. Amazing as always Gareth!


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