Mike Seymour picking up EPIC-M
Today the rollout for the new RED EPIC-M continued and fxphd was there to get one of the very few cameras now out in the wild. Jeff Heusser and Mike Seymour spent the day at RED, not only running through the new 5K EPIC and it's advanced new features, but also looking at a few new features still in development. We will be posting and producing serious footage and training on the camera in the coming weeks and months but here are a few highlights and observations.

Mike Seymour picking up RED One #22 in 2007
- The camera is really small. If you are used to the Red One this is a whole new ball game. For comparison we have posted a photo from today as well as one from the day we took delivery of RED One #22 in 2007.

  • The HDRx is working well, not that you will need it for every shot, but it is logical and impressive to use.
  • The handgrip and general layout of the camera is very operator friendly.
  • We got to see the upcoming Canon mount, working - doing autofocus on standard Canon lenses such as the 24- 70mm Canon.
  • We also got to test drive the new Volt Batteries which open the camera up to so much lightweight production work.

As for footage, we have some serious shoots (with some serious kit) - planned in the short term with some very special guests. We'll post footage when we return.

Thanks so much for reading our article.

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