Berton Pierce's documentary on the art of models and miniatures, Sense of Scale, is having its world premiere at the Sci-Fi London Film Festival this weekend. The film features interviews with several industry veterans plus behind the scenes videos and imagery.

Berton has provided fxguide with a special deleted scene from the doco discussing the models built for the ill-fated 1987 Dino De Laurentiis version of Total Recall (prior to the involvement of director Paul Verhoeven and Arnold Schwarzenegger) that was to be filmed in Australia. Here, modelmakers Gene Rizzardi and Tony Doublin talk about the miniatures work before the production was canceled.

Watch the deleted scene.

Sense of Scale screens 6pm on Sunday, 6th May at the BFI Southbank in London, and includes a Q&A with Berton Pierce afterwards. You can watch the trailer for the film and buy tickets here.

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  • Gene Rizzardi

    Wow, thanks for publishing this! It has been a long time since I worked on this project and it’s nice to see it in the light of day! I certainly would have been an amazing version of this movie, too bad the stock market crashed, it certainly would have been fun! Thanks to Berton Pierce for letting the world see the amazing work the model makers in Australia built they were one of my best crews.

  • David

    Really great looking model work. It was a shame not to see it used in the film

  • alex

    saw this last night, was so cool and director is still interviewing more people! hopefully it will make it to dvd/blu-ray