As each season of HBO’s Game of Thrones has aired, audiences have witnessed new adventures, new intrigue and new, or in some cases – fewer – characters. Each season has also seen an increase in the scale of visual effects from week to week. In season 3, visual effects supervisor Joe Bauer and visual effects producer Steve Kullback led the effort behind the environments and creatures in the Game of Thrones world.

Daenerys’ three dragons, who were now at the ‘teenager’ stage of their lives, were brought to life by a team of incredible artists at Pixomondo. fxguide visited Pixomondo’s studio in Frankfurt and, in partnership with WIRED, produced this exclusive look behind the scenes of the dragons.

And in addition to Pixomondo, several other studios also contributed key visual effects shots. Check out, for example, Gradient Effects’ breakdown reel of their work and SPIN VFX’s comprehensive overview of their ice wall, creature shots and environment effects.

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2 Responses to Exclusive VFX breakdown: Game of Thrones’ teenage dragons

  1. Great behind the scenes and great work by these wonderful artists.

    But it’s sad when you know that lot’s of unpaid freelancers are still waiting for Pixomondo to do the right thing and pay them for their work.

    Posted by Mauricio PC on
    • I cant comment on Pixomondo – as i just don’t know all the details – but I can say it is important we feel for the artists work to be shown and respectfully acknowledged. It is perhaps now, more than ever, the time when we should highlight their hard work and great results. IMHO

      Posted by Mike Seymour on

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