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We look at fxguide as a resource for people who are interested in the same things we are - visual effects and great imagery. The site was founded in 1999 by three working professionals who share a passion for visual effects as well as learning and sharing information. The site started around users sharing tips, tricks and information and has grown to become the leading source for visual effects information worldwide. We are not a press releases site, we strive to ask the questions that we and users of our site would like to know.

We create content in many forms. Written stories are either Featured Stories for longer, more in depth reports or Quick Takes where we report more breaking news. We also produce several audio and video podcasts.

Curiosity and passion. A lot of our early tips were culled from a from Flame centric mailing list (flame-news) as well as through first hand experimentation. As our interests grew, so did the site. New tools, new techniques... relationships grew with leaders in the industry that led us down new paths, all feeding into fxguide. The site was founded with a spirit of collaboration and sharing and continues because of the generosity of visual effects artists around the world sharing their experience and knowledge.

NO. Never.

We produce a variety of audio and video podcasts covering different aspects of the industry.

The fxpodcast was born after we recorded a phone call with a visual effects supervisor for an article about a film. We were struck with how hearing him talk allowed more depth than was possible in a written story plus it gave the listener a way to get a sense of the passion and enthusiasm so many in our industry have.

fxguidetv is a high definition video podcast for stories where moving images can be used to enhance a story. We have used fxguidetv to show shot breakdowns, reports from NAB, IBC or Siggraph, Technology previews and facility visits. We also produce a separate spanish language version, fxguidetv en espanol.

The RC podcast covers digital cinematography and workflows. RED, Arri, Phantom, DSLR's, stereo rigs, gear reports, interviews with innovators are all part of The RC. We pride ourselves reporting first hand experience with new gear, not chasing press releases.

The VFX Show features visual effects artists talking about the craft in specific films, covering current films as well as going back to examine classic films.

We started to accept advertising because we had requests from companies to advertise on the site. We also conducted a user poll that asked if it would be objectionable and overwhelmingly people said it was OK. We severely limit the number of advertisers, NO Pop-ups and we restrict advertising to industry related sites. This site was not started because we wanted to make money from it - proceeds go toward supporting the expenses of running the site (costs that we normally pay out of our pockets).

We are three senior visual effects artists who met in 1998, brought together by our love for compositing. At the time all of us were working on Inferno doing commercials. Jeff Heusser (Los Angeles) was posting tips on his personal web site, John Montgomery (Chicago) had an online database of all flame-news mail and Mike Seymour (Sydney) was working on a list of frequently asked questions and flame history. We decided to combine forces to start a website and fxguide is what has evolved.