NAB Day 4 – NAB Wrap Up Roundtable

The fourth and last podcast from the fxguide suite in Las Vegas. Yesterday in our podcast we mentioned that Ron Brinkman had left Apple. Today we have exclusive interviews with both Bill Collis from the Foundry and with Ron Brinkman about Ron advising the Foundry on Nuke. Also our final roundtable discussion from NAB 2007.

We wrap up day four of our NAB coverage – a roundtable with guests Tahl Niran and Paul Rosckes. Discussion includes Shake, After Effects, monitors, Nuke, Tiffen Filters, c>me, Stonegate, Sapphire… and much more.

Before we depart Vegas, a personal shout out to our friends who weren’t at NAB this year — Martin Helie (aka the Mayor of Discreet) and Peter Webb in Melbourne. NAB isn’t the same without you guys….

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screen grab from c>me

Links, people or products mentioned in the podcast

Ron Brinkman

The Foundry – Nuke – Tinder – Furnace

Tiffen Filters

Creative Technology c>me

Genarts Sapphire plug-ins

url(,Tiger Technology’s StoneGate)


ILM VFX Supervisor Tim Alexander appeared in Animation magazine and gave us a plug… thanks, Tim. Now the circle is complete as you are mentioned in a podcast.

A small sample of random pictures we collected this week

An unstaged shot of Macs in the fxguide suite on a given day - there were actually more off camera
Densely packed Apple booth on day 1

Sony deck we mentioned on earlier podcast
Sony deck we mentioned on earlier podcast

The AJA io box for Final Cut - sorry for picture quality as it was behind glass in a rotating cube
The AJA io box for Final Cut - sorry for picture quality as it was behind glass in a rotating cube

Examples of the unusual stuff you can find in the aisles at NAB

Small video cameras rigged to remote helicopters
AMD - who gave away a Ferrari Laptop at Autodesk User Group - had this on their booth

An LED light system that was controllable to put moving light passes on car shots. From a company called Element Labs. (UPDATE: I spoke with a friend of mine who is in lighting and she said that you can even feed video to the multi color LEDs in the system – to put cloud footage into them for example.)


We have talked alot about cameras in RED conversations… the S-Two booth had 3 on display.


And of course the RED