REALVIZ, ImageModeler software was used to create 3D images from photographs, by View Studio in their work on the visual effects in the Tom Cruise / Steven Spielberg movie ‘Minority Report’.

“Working on Minority Report offered View Studio a great opportunity to expand our toolset and explore new ground in visual effects technology,” said Terry Whiteside, executive producer at View Studio. “REALVIZ ImageModeler provided us with the tools, speed and accuracy to create a virtual environment in a fraction of the time traditional 3D modeling requires. The program integrated into our pipeline seamlessly and delivered outstanding results.”

Set in the year 2054, in Washington D.C., the film production and planning even included a ‘think tank’ to determine what the near future might have in store. The results of the discussions of the think tank drove the visual effects crew to create effects that are not as ‘out-of-this-world’ as many science fiction films, but more subtle and believable. The think tank included people from many different sectors, including technology, environment, crime fighting, medicine, health, social services, transportation, computer technology, writing, and other fields. With more visual effects shots than any film Spielberg has done since Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and the predictions of the think tank to steer them, the effects are elegant, believable, yet not quite of this time and place.

“View Studio was able to achieve some great effects using REALVIZ ImageModeler, and we’re very excited about the film and the superior effects that were created for it,” commented Richard Dimaio, director of sales and marketing for REALVIZ Corp. “Their talented artists saw the capabilities of the software and were able to deliver photo-realistic models quickly and cost-effectively.”

Recent other work by View Studio includes the Frosted Mini Chex “Crazy Maze” commercial, “ABC Primetime 2002-2003” promos, the “Breaking Benjamin: Polyamorous” music video, re-branding IDs for Discovery Networks Science Channel, and visual effects on the TV series Smallville.

REALVIZ are currently offering a promotional price of 750 Euros/US Dollars for ImageModeler in the lead up to the launch of version 3.5, which was announced at Apple Expo in September, with a Mac OS X
version slated for release in Q4 2002, and the Windows version scheduled to ship in Q1 2003. (Offer valid 10. Sept. 2002 – 15. Dec. 2002) These customers will automatically receive a preview copy of ImageModeler 3.5 in October 2002, and the product itself upon its release, free of charge.