fxguide #151: Game of Thrones (Emmy Nom.)

This week we chat to Pixomondo VFX supe Juri Stannosek about the Emmy-nominated visual effects of Game of Thrones - Season Two. And we look at a killer reel from The Marmalade with their high-speed robotic motion control slo-mo camera rig called SPIKE.

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  • jim

    Loved this but was hoping for more ‘behind the scenes’ and less talk. Perhaps part 2??

  • Believe me if we could have gotten more footage we would have used it – but HBO approvals was VERY complex.
    But if we get more we’ll bring it to you

  • Chris Wysoglad

    Seemed to me John was doing his best to get the info, but it was a bit of pulling teeth there. Enjoyed it none-the-less though! Thanks guys!