This week we talk to Chaos Group's Christopher Nichols about the creation of a digital human league with key VFX industry members aimed at further research and discussion into synthetic humans - open to all and part of a move to publish data and share with the community. Image: a digital Paul Debevec based of ICT data and rendered in V-Ray 3. While the group comes from the Chaos Group - but it is not just targeted at V-Ray users. It is an honest attempt to come together, test and share.



Above, the members of the DHL group: Mathieu Aerni, Nick Gaul, Christopher Nichols, Mike Seymour, Paul Debevec, Steve Preeg, Graham Fyffe, Dan Roarty, Jay Busch, Vlado Koylazov, Rusko Ruskov, Lukáš Hajka, Angela Tinwell, Stephen Parker.

As more is published we will link to it including the Datasets that Mike and Chris discuss.

For more info email : [email protected]   Subject: DHL


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