fxpodcast: Computational photography

Computational photography is a hot topic – the State of the Art was been focused around mobile camera phones, with great results. But we are on the edge of seeing DSLR computational photography with the release of the F-CAM 3.

In this fxpodcast, Mike Seymour talks to Dr Kari Pulli, Senior Director of Research at NVIDIA, about what we can learn from computational photography as it explodes in the area of mobile devices and what is coming next. Dr Pulli will be presenting a course on his research into the Frankencamera (FCam) architecture for computational cameras at SIGGRAPH Asia in Hong Kong in December.

Dr Pulli joined NVIDIA research in April 2011 to work in imaging and other mobile applications. Previously, he worked at Nokia and at Khronos. At Nokia, he started a research group working on mobile augmented reality and computational photography, including the FCam architecture for computational cameras.

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