fxpodcast: Saving ‘Saving Private Ryan’

In this episode, we talk to Lou Levinson from Laser Pacific about Saving Private Ryan being restored via Baselight 8 The original camera negatives were scanned at 6K on a Northlight scanner to create a high resolution source 4K image to work with. On Saving Private Ryan, one of Levinson’s primary tasks was to recapture the ENR (silver-retention) look of the film’s original answer prints, while grading from the scanned Negative, matching the photochemical print look in the Baselight.

The work on restoring such a significant film as Saving Private Ryan needs to be respectful to the original while being able to achieve things the original films color timing could not do. Laser Pacific, a true giant in the LA Post market, won’t even consider a restoration project on a living director’s work unless that director is available to sign off on the restoration.
Levinson does a lot of work for Steven Spielberg, having worked on digital masters or re-masters for E.T., Schindler’s List, and Jurassic Park.

N.B. the Audio quality of this interview is not perfect, we are sorry but we believe the content justifies the slightly poor Skype quality. The quality does improve as the recording continues. We endeavor to always get the best quality, but sometimes technology defeats us, our apology.

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