60th Primetime Emmy Awards Nominations

Early this morning Kristin Chenoweth (“Pushing Daisies”) and Neil Patrick Harris (“How I Met Your Mother”) announced the 60th Primetime Emmy® Awards Nominations at the Academy’s Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre in North Hollywood.

We have the visual effects nominees after jump as well as a link to a complete list of nominees.

Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series

Battlestar Galactica “He That Believeth In Me”
Sci Fi Channel • Universal Media Studios in association with R & D TV

Gary Hutzel, Visual Effects Supervisor
Michael Gibson, Visual Effects Producer
David Takemura, Visual Effects Coordinator
Doug Drexler, CGI Supervisor
Kyle Toucher, CG Artist
Sean Jackson, CG Artist
Pierre Drolet, CG Modeler
Aurore de Blois, Senior Compositor
Derek Ledbetter, Compositor

Heroes “Four Months Ago”
NBC • Universal Media Studios in association with Tail Wind Productions

Eric Grenaudier, Visual Effects Supervisor
Mark Spatny, Visual Effects Producer
Gary D’Amico, Special Effects Supervisor
Mike Enriquez, Lead CGI Artist
Michael Cook, Lead CGI Artist
Diego Galtieri, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Ryan Wieber, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Chris Martin, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Daniel Kumiega, Lead CGI Animator

Human Body: Pushing The Limits “Strength”
Discovery Channel • Dangerous Films Ltd. in association with Discovery Channel

Tim Goodchild, Visual Effects Supervisor
Louise Hussey, Visual Effects Producer
Mike Tucker, Special Effects Supervisor
Nick Kool, Lead Model Maker
Hayden Jones, CGI Supervisor
Mark Pascoe, Lead CGI Artist
Angela Noble, Lead CGI Artist
Peter Tyler, Visual Effects Cameraman

Jericho “Patriots And Tyrants”
CBS • CBS Paramount Television

Andrew Orloff, Visual Effects Supervisor
Blythe Dalton, Visual Effects Producer
John Stirber, Special Effects Supervisor
Chris Jones, Compositing Supervisor
Michael Cliett, CGI Supervisor
Lane Jolly, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Johnathan R. Banta, Lead Matte Artist
Josh Hooker, Lead CGI Artist

Stargate Atlantis “Adrift”
Sci Fi Channel • Pegasus III

Mark Savela, Visual Effects Supervisor
Shannon Gurney, Visual Effects Coordinator
Erica Henderson, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Jason Gross, CGI Supervisor
Jamie Yukio Kawano, Lead CGI Artist
Michael Lowes, Lead CGI Artist
Giles Hancock, Lead Matte Artist
Jeremy Kehler, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Daniel Osaki, Lead Model Maker

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles “Pilot”
FOX • C2 Pictures in association with Warner Bros. Television

James Lima, Visual Effects Supervisor
Chris Zapara, CG Supervisor
Lane Jolly, Compositing Supervisor
Steve Graves, 3D Modeler/Animator
Rick Schick, Compositor
Jeff West, Compositor
Bradley Mullennix, Modeler

    Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special

Comanche Moon “Part 1”
CBS • The Firm / Sony Pictures Television / CBS Paramount

Scott Ramsey, Visual Effects Supervisor
Randy Moore, Special Effects Supervisor
Chris Martin, Visual Effects Compositor
Megan Omi, Visual Effects Compositor
Richard Sachar, Visual Effects Compositor
Ragui Hanna, Visual Effects Compositor
Daniel Kumiega, Visual Effects Animator
Cedric Tomacruz, Matte Painter
Kristin Johnson, Matte Painter

John Adams “Join Or Die”
HBO • Playtone in association with HBO Films

Erik Henry, Visual Effects Supervisor
Jeff Goldman, Visual Effects Supervisor
Paul Graff, Visual Effects Supervisor
Steve Kullback, Visual Effects Producer
Christina Graff, Visual Effects Producer
David Van Dyke, Visual Effects Producer
Robert Stromberg, Visual Effects Designer
Edwardo Mendez, Compositing Supervisor
Ken Gorrell, Special Effects Coordinator

Life After People • History Channel
Flight 33 Productions for History Television Network Productions, A&E Television Networks

Matt Drummond, Visual Effects Supervisor
Max Ivins, Visual Effects Supervisor
Steffen Schlachtenhaufen, Visual Effects Producer
Melinka Thompson-Godoy, Visual Effects Producer
Andrea D’Amico, Visual Effects Producer
Danny Kim, Matte Painter/Compositor
Dave Morton, Lead Visual Effects Artist
Jim May, Digital Artist
Casey Benn, Digital Artist

The Company “Part 2”
TNT • Scott Free/John Callery Productions in association with Sony Pictures Television

Viktor Muller, Visual Effects Supervisor
Vit Komrzy, Visual Effects Producer
Jan Vseticek, Visual Effects Coordinator
Miro Gal, Lead Digital Compositor
Peter Nemec, Lead Digital Compositor
Jiri Stamfest, Lead Digital Matte Painter
Jaroslav Matys, Lead 3D Digital Artist

Tin Man “Part 1”
Sci Fi Channel • RHI Entertainment

Lee Wilson, Visual Effects Supervisor
Lisa Sepp-Wilson, Visual Effects Producer
Sebastien Bergeron, Digital Effects Supervisor
Todd Liddiard, Lead Visual Effecs Compositor
Philippe Thibault, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Les Quinn, CGI Supervisor
Mike Goddard, Lead CGI Artist
Ken Lee, Lead CGI Artist
Andrew Domachowski, Lead CGI Artist

Complete list of nominees can be found here.

Congratulations to all the nominees.

The Creative Arts Emmy Awards will be held on Saturday, September 13 and the Primetime Emmy Awards will be Sunday, September 21, both at the new Nokia Theatre L.A. Live, Los Angeles. ABC has the primetime broadcast.