bensnow.jpgIn this week's podcast we have part 2 of our Iron Man coverage, discussing the suit itself. Building on the strong basis of Transformers and digital rigid body 'car like finishes' we talk to Ben Snow about ILM's magnificent near faultless work on the film. As you will hear Mike And Ben Snow get very technical in what it takes to make metal work have a car like finish. Next week, Ben's discussion is also part of our special report on what it takes to do great CGI car surfaces and metal work.

Listen to this podcast by clicking in our media area to the left under the fxguideTV and fxpodcast logos , or select fxpodcast in the Podcasts navigation menu bar - or subscribe in iTunes Note: In this interview Mike mistakenly refers to talking to Joe Letteri (Weta) about Speed Racer. Our apologies, Mike meant Kim Libreri at Digital Domain.

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