Warren Eagles, (one of our online fxphd Profs.)  is heading up a “Colourist Strategies” live training course in January, 2010.  The 3-day course will take place in Brisbane, Australia.

“Colourist Strategies” will provide colourists with the toolset to maximise their abilities and gain an edge on their competition.  It provides students with an opportunity to learn directly from an experienced colorist.  The course is also ideal for those who want insight into becoming a colorist.

The course will be run using Apple Color and will cover topics from basic color theory, terminology, primary and secondary color correction, digital intermediate and film workflows, telecine and grading history, client interaction, speaking the language of DP’s, looks and styles and much more.

for more info check out:  http://www.icolorist.com/Courses.html

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