Eyeon Announces Software World Tour 2007

Eyeon has announced their Software World Tour 2007, visiting the following cities in the months of October and November:

San Francisco, Atlanta, Washington, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, Sydney, Melbourne, Wagga Wagga, Paris, London, Madrid, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Munich, London , Manchester.

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Eyeon will be showcasing the eyeon Product line, being Fusion, Vision and Rotation with highlights in the following areas:

Fusion 5.2

  • OFX plug-in support
  • 3D LUTs, fully GPU accelerated with plug-in file formats – support for 3D LUTs in both the FileLUT tool and as a view LUT
  • Expanded metadata handling for DPX, Cineon and OpenEXR formats
  • Fusion’s scriptable plug-ins allow for the design and running of image processing tools created in the Fusion Lua scripting engine
  • Python scripting has been added to control Fusion from web hosts and interfaces to Python-based film pipeline management systems
  • Tracker’s new infinite sub pixel precision method is faster and more accurate over changing footage
  • A new Vector Motion Blur tool
  • Plus additional new tools, and hundreds of UI enhancements and workflow improvements

Motion graphics
Particle system
True 3D environment
Film tools
HDRI image engine
Automation and scripting
Broadcast graphics, NLE integration
Collaboration via the bins system
Script Engine, eyeon Script, Lua, Python

Please let us know if you would like to come out and cover the event in your area by sending an RSVP with your city in the subject box or visiting this live invite here: http://www.eyeonline.com/Web/EyeonWeb/press/upcoming_events/invite.html

View this month’s newsletter with more info on the road show and feature interviews with CafeFX, Online Video and Atmosphere VFX: