fxguidetv live @NAB2012 BTS video

First off — a big thanks to those of you who contributed at a level to become fxinsider members. Your financial support truly helps us cover stories and events of interest over the year.

There was a huge involvement from everyone at fxguide and fxphd to help bring you the live event from Vegas this year. Leading the tech end of things was Ryan Pribyl in our Chicago office, and I sat down with him to discuss the tech setup.


As we mentioned in the video, the entire crew did an amazing job to help generate the content you saw. Lending a hand were Ian Failes and Jimmy Shen in the Sydney office, David Hamner in Chicago, our floor director/vfx show producer Todd Scholton, and last, but definitely not least, Mat Graham who pulled an all-nighter to get the segments edited together. They get a big thanks from Jeff, Mike, and myself.

And once again — a big thanks to you, our reader, viewers, and listeners, for your generosity and support.