fxphd.pngOur visual effects training site fxphd.com has information on the upcoming July07 term, which was just announced. Based upon feedback from members, we worked hard to build upon our first year and make the term even better than past terms. We’ve got new courses with accompanying VPN software (for non-commercial use) for The Foundry’s Nuke (Version 4.7), Imagineer Systems’ Monet/Mokey/Motor, and The Pixel Farm’s PFTrack.

These are all courses asked for by fxphd postgrads and we’re happy to bring them to you. In addition, we’re bringing back a greatest hits of past courses, including Advanced Flame and a replay of Background Fundamentals from Term 2. VPN versions of Toxik and Maya are also available to fxphd postgrads. All in all, between new courses and replays of past favorites, a full 15 selections are available for fxphd members.

Checkout fxphd.com for more details.

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