Steven Hulett is the Business Representative of The Animation Guild (TAG) Local 839 IATSE, he last joined us for a podcast in August of 2008. We wanted to talk further with him about the Guild and get more of the history of previous efforts to organize visual effects. We talk about the failed efforts a few years ago to organize Sony Imageworks, about the current global economy and about many issues artists are facing. Steven writes the excellent and frequently updated blog on the TAG website. The Animation Guild recently moved into a new building in Burbank that features Gallery 839 where members can display their artwork they create apart from their daily work, a new show just started February 5th entitled, CANVAS, BRONZE AND POLYRESIN.

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Several links are mentioned in the podcast, you’ll find those along with photos of the new TAG building after the read more…

Steven Hulett’s blog:

Box Office Mojo Box Office by Oscar Category through the years

A couple of resources for those in California:
California Department of Industrial Relations definition of Independent Contractor vs. Employee

California Department of Industrial Relations Overtime

Film School Boot Camp interview with Jeffery A. Okun

HBO: Schmatta: From Rags to Riches to Rags

VFX Wages: Working in China

Blog post about new show at Gallery 839

Not mentioned, but check out:
Lee Stranahan: Open Letter To James Cameron: Fairness For Visual Effects Artists

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