In this week’s fxpodcast we have an amazing show – we speak in depth to both Ben Snow of ILM and Brain Gernand of Kerner Optical about Terminator Salvation. Ben discusses things such as a whole new lighting “energy conserving” renderman system at ILM and Brian discusses both miniatures and pryo – and the complex mortar tree used for the spectacular ending of the film. As we have been doing lately – we really drill down on just a couple of shots for a really in-depth discussion of both digital and physical effects. For more shots from the film click the link on this panel, there are more images after the jump of the shots we discuss in the podcast.
NB: Be warned this fxpodcast contains major spoilers.

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Shots from Warner Bros. Pictures action/sci-fi feature Terminator Salvation, a Warner Bros. Pictures release. The film stars Christian Bale and Sam Worthington. Copyright Warner Bros. Pictures 2009. Reproduced with permission

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