Genarts announces pricing for Sapphire 5

GenArts has announced pricing for Sapphire™ 5 licenses for Autodesk systems. A new Sapphire 5 license for Linux Flame, Inferno, Flint HD and Smoke HD will be priced at $8,499, a $1,500 decrease from Sapphire 4. Upgrades from Sapphire 4 to Sapphire 5 will be priced at $3,499. In addition, new Sapphire 5 burn licenses have been reduced 50% from version 4 to $450.

Announced in November, Sapphire 5 will offer GPU-accelerated render speeds up to 700 percent faster than version 4, as well as support for full floating point workflows.

Sapphire 5 is scheduled to ship in the first quarter of 2010 for Autodesk users. Please visit for more information.