It’s Raining Marquise Technologies

In the lead up to IBC this weekend, Marquise Technologies have been making a splash with their RAIN, OCEAN and MIST products.

RAIN is a workflow and grading station, with the smaller MIST being an on-set version and the bigger OCEAN being a full telecine controller (essentially sold through Cintel, DFT, etc). There is also a software only version SoftRAIN.

RAIN, like all the products, has GPU processing and also introduced the IM2 board for real-time stabilization/degrain/denoise/dust and scratch removal. The RAIN product also allows for dual Red Rocket card acceleration of RED Workflows and also supports ARRIRAW. RAIN was launched at NAB and in the lead up to IBC, Marquise has been clocking up the sales across Europe, most recently the OCEAN controller at Refinery, in South Africa, and at VarioFilm in Switzerland, and Louis Lumiere, the famous French school for Film, has chosen RAIN as their new color grading solution.

RAIN is a modern and very fast system designed at the latest workflows. Dan Tatut, Business Developer of Marquise Technologies said, “We do support OpenEXR, ACES will come later this year (for the SATIS show in Paris), we have quite a large number of features that will appear in the next weeks after IBC. Basically we spent the first 18 months to build the core engine and now we can add features.”

Marquise Technologies is at IBC, at Hall 7 K25.