Nine selected for Sci-Tech Oscar Consideration

Beverly Hills, CA – The Scientific and Technical Awards Committee of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced today that nine scientific and technical achievements have been selected for further awards consideration.

The list is made public to allow individuals and companies with similar devices or claims of prior art the opportunity to submit their achievements for review. The deadline to submit additional entries is Tuesday, August 30, at 11:59 p.m. PST.

The committee has selected the following methods or devices for further consideration:

Micro-Voxel Volume Rendering (Side Effects Software, Inc.)
Mova CONTOUR Dense Mesh Motion Capture (Mova)
ARRI Zeiss Master Primes Lens Family (ARRI, Inc.)
Phantom High-Speed Cameras for Motion Picture Production (Vision Research. Inc.)
Pictorvision Eclipse (Pictorvision, Inc.)
RealD Cinema System for Theatrical Projection of Stereoscopic Content (RealD)
The “Lowry Process” (Reliance MediaWorks)
FUJIFILM Black and White Recording Film ENTERNA-RDS for Archive (FUJIFILM North America Corporation)
Lyre Microphone Suspension (Rycote Microphone Windshields, Ltd.)

After thorough investigations are conducted on each of the entries, the committee will meet in early December to vote on recommendations to the Academy’s Board of Governors, which will make the final awards decisions.

The 2011 Scientific and Technical Awards will be presented at the Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills on Saturday, February 11, 2012.

Claims of prior art or similar technology must be submitted on our online site at For further information, contact Awards Administration Director Rich Miller’s office at (310) 247-3000, ext. 1131, or via e-mail at [email protected].