Now you can RenderMan on Demand

Pixar has now formally announced RenderMan on Demand, a new cloud based rendering service that was developed in collaboration with GreenButton. The service is available on Microsoft’s Windows Azure, while a Linux version will be available later this year.

GreenButton is powering the user website – – with the online renderfarm available for prices starting at 70 cents (US) per core per hour.

fxguide saw the service first-hand recently at SIGGRAPH Asia, including this crowd demo from Golaem shown at the Renderman User Group Meeting. It has 2000 characters rendered on the Cloud – 200 nodes in 54 minutes, instead of an estimated 20 days.

How does RenderMan on Demand work? Here’s a workflow from Pixar’s FAQ:

RenderMan On Demand uses the same RIB files and supporting assets that are output from Pixar’s RenderMan Studio or other RenderMan compliant applications. The basic workflow is simple:

– Generate your RIB files from your 3D application
– Assemble your assets using the RenderMan On Demand file manager.
– Upload your files to RenderMan On Demand using the web interface.
– Submit your job and select your render priority
– Check progress
– Download your rendered frames

For more information on RenderMan check out the Background Fundamentals classes at, and also look for our upcoming Art of Renderers coverage at fxguide.