Post starts again in lower Manhattan

Post is slowly starting to return to SoHo in Manhattan, even with the power still out generally.

In the midst of this unprecedented power crisis in NYC following the flooding and damage from the impact of Hurricane Sandy, businesses are searching to find ways to keep on deadline, and not be down during the potential week of power outage.

Power outside Harbor Picture Company

Harbor Picture Company is a SoHo based production, editorial and color mastering company, offering 30 editorial suites for commercial, episodic and feature film clients. With clients and projects on broadcast deadlines and feature films with tight release deadlines, Harbor has taken steps to ensure that work can continue as usual despite the challenging circumstances.

Harbor is currently running their business on diesel fuel, cabled up to their power board through the fourth story window which allowed the studio to fully power its servers, phone and internet capabilities as of 3:15pm on Wednesday (10/31).

Typically a 24-hour facility, Harbor has changed their hours for emergency power use to 10am to 8pm, and they are making food runs to powered areas for their clients, as businesses in the surrounding area remain closed.  Despite the challenges of this unusual moment, Harbor has been glad to provide solutions to their clients to keep moving forward.

fxguide wishes all the best to the general community and the post community in particular in NY and related areas.