The new Sony FS7 camera has just been shown at IBC. Here is a quick preview. This and other new releases will be covered on the September episode of the RC podcast - due out the week after IBC. The camera is 4K Super 35, using an Exmor CMOS chip that allows for 4K at 60P with 4:2:2 10 bit recording and MPEG-2 HD 4:2:2 format common with many Broadcasters. The camera is designed for a single operator, rather than a big production shoot, so there is extensive audio and in camera capabilities (built-in ND (Clear, 1/4ND, 1/16ND, 1/64ND), etc).

The camera will be released generally in early 2015. An additional AXS-R5 recorder can be connected to record externally 4K or 2K RAW and simultaneously full HD internally. A cheaper XGCA-Fs7 extension unit could alternatively be attached able to record Apple ProRes 4:2:2 once a firmware update is install, again early in 2015. This same update will add to the current QuardHD 3840x2160, the 4096x2160 resolution option. The images can be recorded up to 600Mbps during 4K 59.94 recording.



The camera allows you to film 4K with a standard ISO of 2000, with 14 stops of dynamic range according to Sony. The frame rates at 4K vary from 59,94P to 23.98P, and in slow motion mode up to 180 fps (continuous not burst). 180 fps is roughly 7.5 x slow mo but we believe in 2K. With two slots for XQD media, you can seamlessly spill from one media to the other or dual record for safety.




Importantly the camera supports S-Gmma3.cine/S-log-3 and S-gamut3/S-log3. This wide gamut is important for grading and newer wider gamut monitors and projectors. The camera comes with the E-mount lens mount, as the E-mount is a short flange-back, it allows allows lens adaptors, opening the camera up to a world of lensing options. The camera has a built in LCD display. The standard batteries should film for either an hour 2 hours or 3 hours depending on the version. There are built in full size XLR’s, manual audio level controls, mic mount. There is also built in shoulder pads and Arri standard rosettes with a very ergonomic handgrip for start stop, zoom and customisable controls.

The first units without some of the top functions is expected in the field in October, then with a firmware upgrade early 2015 will be full 4K.

you can record 4K on one card and matching Mpeg proxies on the other card


The camera body is about $10,000

The XDCA-FS7 is about $2,500

and the Package including a 28-135mm F4 lens is around $13,000.

VLock rear adapter, giving extended SDI outputs, and internal Prores recording enabled early 2015

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