Next Limit has announced the release of its latest fluid sim software RealFlow 2013, with new features including a large-scale solver (Hybrido 2), node-based set-ups (known as RealFlow Graphs), built-in previews via Maxwell Render and Alembic support.

Next Limit Founder and CEO Victor Gonzalez said, "This is a major milestone for us and comes as a direct result of feedback and in-depth conversations with our customers. Our priority is to make the artist’s life as easy as possible and we think this new version does just that. Now I can’t wait to see what they are able to do with it!"

RealFlow 2013 also features improved fracturing tools, meshing algorithms, GPU-based simulations and visual programming interfaces. Below is a demo video outlining Hybrido 2 - the FLIP fluids solver in RealFlow 2013.

Click here for a detailed breakdown of the new features. And there are more demo videos available here.

Price-wise, for customers on support and maintenance, RealFlow 2013 is free. For new customers, the price is $3995/€2995, and the upgrade price is $2500/€2000 (new and upgrade price includes one year support and maintenance).

With the release of the latest version: RealFlow 2013, Next Limit have also slashed the prices of the RealFlow Learning Edition.
The Learning Edition (previously $245/€195) is now $99/€75 and each license will come with 1 free RealFlow RenderKit and 1 free RealFlow Node.

RealFlow Product Manager Gustavo Sanchez, "We want learners to experience RealFlow with a set-up as close as possible to the professional environment. RealFlow isn’t just about the single GUI, it is about the whole RealFlow Pipeline, which includes RenderKits and RealFlow Nodes".

The RealFlow Learning Edition will still be workspace/XML restricted and is for learning only. This version can't be used for commercial projects.

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