The April 26-28, 2021 RealTime Conference has just begun and it is featuring three 16-hour days of live presentations, discussions, interviews, and real-time live demos. The virtual event brings together some of the leading voices from a diverse set of industries, all united with a common goal: finding ways to take advantage of real-time technology.
The three-day event contains 100 sessions spread across 19 separate tracks, with each track focusing on a different industry or topic. The event includes more than 150 speakers from some of the world’s most innovative companies.
Sessions will be hosted by experts from companies that are leading the way in real-time technology. RTC’s April event will also feature several live demos highlighting some of the most advanced real-time tools available.

The stage is set for RTC Day 2

Digital Humans Curated by Christophe Hery and Mike Seymour

The Digital Humans track kicks off with

MetaHuman – Human Behind the Character (LA time 1pm Tuesday / Sydney: 6am Wednesday)

with Vladimir Mastilovic (3lateral/Epic Games) and Matt Workman (Digital DOP).

Matt live as a MetaHuman Character

Creating believable and relatable digital humans is one of the hardest things to do in-game and film productions. With the release of MetaHuman Creator, this has changed and now it’s easier to imagine future workflows where digital humans are much more accessible to a wider group of creatives. In this session, we’ll explore the short and the longer-term implications to games, film, and virtual productions.

This is followed by a panel discussion, with the presenters and joined by Kim Libreri CTO of Epic Games. This panel will discuss the impact of Metahuman Creator on Virtual Production, Storytelling & Prototyping.

Human Creation In Blender (LA time  4.30pm / Sydney 9.30am)

This is presented by Alexander Lashko, who is a 3D character artist specializing in high/low poly modeling and sculpting, as well as texturing.

Real-Time Humans With 4D Faces & Body Sims (LA time  4.50pm / Sydney 9.50am)

James Jacob will discuss how Ziva is bringing offline digital human bodies and faces into real-time environments using Machine Learning, 4D capture, and extensive simulation data.

The Future Of Volumetric Capture (LA time  5.10pm / Sydney 10.10am)

Christina Heller will present how Volumetric capture brings the power of real human performances into virtual mediums.

Then follows a panel discussion with the presenters above. (LA time  5.30pm / Sydney 10.30am)

Talking To Douglas- The Challenges In Creating An Autonomous Digital Human (+ Live Demo)  (LA time  6.05pm / Sydney 11.05am)

Matthias Wittmann will be showing a live-demo of DD’s latest progress in autonomous digital humans.

From Alita To Gemini Man- A Journey Of How To Make A Digi A Human (LA time  6.25pm / Sydney 11.25 am)

Weta’s Andrea Weidlich will explain how digital humans are often regarded as a key remaining challenge for computer graphics as the success of a movie rests on their ability to carry the heart and soul of the story.

Identity Protection With Digital Veils (LA time  6.45pm / Sydney 11.45 am)

Ryan Laney will present how his team masked witnesses using Neural Rendering in a documentary film to protect their identities.

Roundtable Discussion (IRL & Digital Beings) (LA time  7.05pm / Sydney 12.05 pm)

A brief roundtable discussion with Kathleen Cohen, Christophe Hery and Mike Seymour about Digital Twins, Digital Beings and Humanity.

Panel Discussion (Digital Humans) (LA time  7.20pm / Sydney 12.20 pm)

Adding A Touch Of Soul To The Metaverse (LA time  7.55pm / Sydney 12.55 pm)

In this presentation, Mark Sagar of Soul Machines will present examples of the types of characters the metaverse can be populated with from digital twins to digital helpers, dig into the need for a digital brain, and discuss BabyX, a virtual animated baby that learns and reacts in real-time.

The RealTime Conference

The RealTime Conference (RTC) is designed for Real-Time Communities. With real-time technologies growing at an unprecedented pace and shaping countless industries in their wake.

In 2020, 6,740 unique registrants from 103 countries, hundreds of keynotes speakers and visionaries, and insightful Tech companies opening up the conversation across industries too often siloed − from Architecture to Automotive, Design & Manufacturing, Virtual Production, Digital Humans, and more…

RTC is supported by the RTC Advisory Board, a group dedicated to bringing people together while offering recommendations to strengthen the program, including our own fxguide’s Mike Seymour. The full list of RTC Board members can be found here.

The fully virtual events will allow participants the opportunity to engage with experts across multiple industries to see the enabling technologies and present-day applications. Focused collaborative sessions offer creative collisions across industries and help spark new ideas.

The conference was founded by Jean-Michel Blottière, Dave Gougé and Thomas Haegele. Blottière and Haegele previously collaborated in overseeing FMX before founding the RTC, while Gougé has put together over 100 events as curator and host. They are joined by Manny Francisco, the former VP of advanced creative technology for NBCU/DreamWorks Animation, and more.